The Last Battle by C. S Lewis : Book Review

The Last Battle by C S Lewis

I'm pretty sure i read this one when I was younger, I know I enjoyed the rest of the Narnia chronicles. I have a large book which I think contains the full series somewhere on my bookshelf.

This very old edition came as part of my Tea Time Bookshop subscription, in my first ever box. I subscribed for 3 boxes and went for the 'Vintage' box, you can read more about that here.

When I got started I didn't recognise the story line so thought maybe I hadn't read it, I really enjoyed being taken back into the fantasy land though. I realised it is years since I read any fantasy I have mostly been reading more realistic crime and thrillers.

I found that I struggled to draw up the images in my mind the way I used to, when I was younger imagining was easy, it seems now it is harder. Though once I really got into the story I found it became easier and off I went into the fantastical land of Narnia. I didn't come out till midnight the same day i started, when the book came to an end!

I am aware there is a dark underline message and that this book could be considered racist and sexist but I chose to ignore all that, to not analise it and simply enjoy the fantastical story rather than read into its secret messages. I will admit the very end was a little harsh and felt rushed but I can forgive that.

It was fantastic, I loved it. Full 5 stars from me. Everyone needs to read this classic!

I'm now going to try getting back into a book I started earlier in the year and gave up on, hopefully I can progress with it this time. I hate giving up on books.