Tea Time Bookshop subscription box review

I came across this subscription box on Instagram whilst browsing around on my book focused account, I'm bettybriggslovesbooks if you want to follow me.

It had a selection of book options to go for including crime, vintage, books in the charts etc. I opted for the vintage box to try something different. Once you've chosen the book style you choose the number of books, 1, 2 3 or 4. I went for 4 and the 3 month plan. I wanted to give it a good go before deciding if it's worth it. Next you opt for if you want tea or coffee and biscuits or not.

On arrival I was excited to open it, so much so I forgot to video an unboxing for my you tube! Oops.

Unfortunately my excitement was short lived, I was disappointed with the book choices and the quality of the books. I know they were second hand and considered 'vintage' but the ones I received in my opinion were very well used, with names & scribbles written in. Overly creased and not very well loved.

Lesson learnt, is what I quickly came to think. I wanted something different and I got it. I must be more greatful!

I did get one great book though, 'The last battle' It brought back memories of my childhood because I loved the Narnia series.

The other 3 books are very far from what I'd usually go for but I will give them a good try.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I get in my next box.