Watercolour Flowers for beginners : My journey into Watercolour art

 Hello everyone,

I hope you are well and have been enjoying the sunshine. It has been a little hectic here, half term for my sons so we have been super busy as a family and of course in the shop so i haven't had as much time as i usually do.

I have been making time in the evenings though for myself, just an hour each evening (when i have enough energy!) to get creative and test out new arty ideas after being inspired by my trip to see Alison C Board. 

I have found that my main interest is abstract and floral's. I enjoy just playing around with the colours having no real plan and letting whatever happens happen. 

I have created a new blog for me to share my love of Botanical art & photography, you'll find my journey into it over there. 

I think the best florals i have managed are the ones i sketch first, i'm not sure why but i prefer the way they look.

These are just a few of the pieces i have created over the week, please do take a look over on my instagram page where you will find many more.

My painting medium of choice for these was Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours, it was my first time using these as i only purchased myself the sketchers set at the start of the week. They are fantastic colours and the set is perfect for using at home and taking out and about. 

I'm using a very basic cheap sketchbook for these pieces as they are rough drafts, the notebooks only cost me about £1 each and are not the best quality but are fine for experimenting in. Once happy with the designs i will recreate them on good quality watercolour paper. 


  1. Beautiful Kerri-Ann! Thank you so much for the mention, may I share your post on my social media? x

  2. Hi Kerri-Ann your flowers are gorgeous. Thank you for all the tips. Take care. Hugs Jackie

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