A visit to Alison C Board's Downend Farm Studio : Dorset Art Weeks

Hello everyone, 

I thought i would tell you today about my visit to Dorset Art weeks. On Monday i decided to take a trip to visit the amazingly talented Alison C Board who has an open studio for the duration of Dorset Art Weeks. I've always admired her style, her beautiful combination of watercolour and mixed media effects just blew me away from the first time i saw them.

I had met Alison once before but we were both working so i hadn't had chance to talk to her much and it was over 2 years ago now.

Having been feeling a little like i had lost my artistic flow in recent months i really hoped that visiting Alison's studio would inspire me to get creating for myself again...and i wasn't disappointed! Her studio is stunning, Alison is lovely too. She took the time to talk with me and show me around the studio, i was able to see her finished works and works in progress which was fantastic as it reminded me not to be afraid to start things and not finish them. 

Things are not always going to be right the first time around, it is about experimenting and enjoying the process too. Exploring the studio and all the beautiful pieces was such a fantastic experience, i'm so glad that i was brave enough to step outside and go and visit her, i often find that my anxiety stops me from doing things i want to like visiting galleries, studios and attending workshops. I find i'm totally fine when i'm representing my shop / the brands i work for but the moment i am just me i freeze up and hide away. Visiting Alison has really made me feel like it is time to reach out, explore and get involved in some workshops to develop my skills. I can't wait to get started now! 

The view outside of Alisons studio was mind blowing, Downend Farm Studio is situated on Alisons family farm where there are these beautiful horses enjoying a run in the field, it was just such a lovely place to be even for just short while so i can image being there for a workshop is even better. - I'm signing up for some soon. 

As part of Dorset art weeks Alison had a big display of her work in her studio and in her garden, i came across a piece that i just couldn't take my eyes off. There was just something about it that made me feel that i needed it in my life, so i purchased it! I am so glad i did, it has taken pride of place in my living room next to my creative space and i find myself staring into it taken away to a calm place. 

If you would like to find out more about Alison C Board and her work take a look at her website link here. 

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