Looking for a local artist to commission a window / wall art mural for my shop front in Seaton


I've been thinking for the past few years about having a wall mural done on the wall next to my doorway, something that could go around the information stand that I put out each day. I'm thinking something to do with books and art supplies or something nature / floral because if you know me you know I love flowers, birds, bees and butterflies etc. 

If you know my little shop you'll know we are a family run shop, we live and work here in Seaton and have been here since 2014. We are always doing our best to keep things going and to make the shop as attractive and as useful as possible to you our lovely locals and to tourists too. A couple of years ago we employed local builders to put in our flower bed which is home to a range of perennial flowers that not only look nice but are good for the bees and bugs too. 

If i could afford it I'd have the whole top of the white area above the shop done with a fancy mural something beautiful that would make visitors to our wonderful little town go 'Wow' but at the moment that isn't financially viable. I am hoping though, that we can find a local artist whom we could afford to commission to create something special on the entrance wall and potentially the window at the entrance way too. 

If you know someone you think would be able to do this and has the time to do this in the coming weeks or months please ask them to pop into the shop and see me to have a chat or to email me on Mrskabetty@hotmail.com