Rebranding my businesses | New Year 2023


After a difficult few years, in 2022 i found myself burnt out and struggling to cope. I lost all love for myself and my businesses and if I'm honest with myself I let everything fall and falter. I took some time off over Christmas to spend with my family and to have a really good think about the future, what i wanted for myself and for my businesses. 

After much soul searching I realised that I did want to continue, with each of my businesses, I was just tired and run down and in need of a break. I don't get holidays through the year like everyone else, I work all year round only taking time off at Christmas. I don't have staff so if i was able to take a break in the year I'd have to close the shop and that would result in a loss of income and unhappy customers. It's not something i've done before but it is something that i will have to think about doing moving forward as i do wonder if maybe that is one of the reasons i burnt out last year. Maybe if i took some time off mid year rather than waiting all the way to December i might not struggle and might feel more inspired and motivated. I've not made any plans to do this in 2023 yet but it's something I'm considering. 

One of the things i have done that has really helped to motivate myself and get me back on track is to rebrand each of my businesses. I've created new logos for each and a new branding kit which will help with new packaging materials and marketing materials. I really like the new looks for each and feel they reflect my personality better than the plain ones I had before. They reflect what the businesses are about, look smart and professional whilst still feeling personal to me. 

I've lots more work to do to get these up onto my website and social media pages but i'll phase each n over the coming weeks and months. Online sales is an area of each business that i need to spend more time on to help support the shop. So many people are turning to the internet to purchase things these days and i want to make sure my businesses are able to be found and ordered from. 

I've also been redecorating my office space in the shop and I'm planning a big art studio / craft room makeover too. It will all take time but every step forward makes me feel a little better and more positive about the future. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings for me and my businesses, i know it is likely to be another tough year but i'm prepared to work hard, as always, and put my all into everything i do in order to provide for my family.