Is it possible to buy everything you need for Christmas in Seaton's independent shops? | Supporting Seaton's Shops


This year it is more important than ever before to support local independent shops, where ever you live. For those of us living in Seaton, Devon i thought i would remind you of some of the great places there are that you could support. 

If you haven't walked around the town lately then I would highly recommend taking a browse around, there is a lot more to offer than you may have first thought. 

If you are looking for cards, gift wrap and tags then one of the places you must visit is Paperchain, one of the gems of Seaton, they offer a great selection of festive cards and brilliant gifts too, like the mug you can see in the picture below. There are of course a number of other shops selling cards, arty ones and handmade too so walk around the town and you'll find many more options. 

(Image copyright to Paperchain - Mug available at paperchain) 

If you are thinking about what to get someone who seems to already has everything why not consider getting a voucher for one of the local shops? Maybe even from one of the local cafes so they can enjoy a treat out in town one afternoon or one of the local hairdressers or salons so they can enjoy a pamper session. 

(Hobby kits and supplies from Devon Art Supplies, 30 Queen Street) 

If the person you are buying for is creative then you really must visit Devon Art Supplies at 30 Queen Street (yes I'm bias, I'm allowed to be on my own blog) There you'll find art supplies, crafty kits, yarn and haberdashery supplies. There is something for all ages. Under the same roof as Devon Art Supplies is Betty's Books where you'll find a great selection of new books that make perfect gifts for friends and family. 

(Art supplies from Devon Art Supplies, 30 Queen Street) 

If your creative friend enjoys learning new skills why not pop into Coastal Craft Collection and ask for a workshop voucher so they can attend one of the many creative sessions held there. If you are down that way be sure to take a look in Amber Home of Colour that has a wonderful range of colour products that would make great gifts. If you are looking for fabrics then The Cloth shop is a must visit. 

One of my all time favourite places in Seaton, Devon to visit every festive season (any any time of year really) is So Sophie's it is packed full of stunning Christmas decorations and gifts. 

(gifts available at So Sophie - photo copyright to So Sophie) 

Next door to So Sophie's is another place to check out too, 4 Seasons which offers outdoor clothing and much more. Next over is a cycle shop which might be worth a look. 

When you are out and about in Seaton doing your Christmas shopping why not pop into one of the many brilliant cafes for a coffee break. There are plenty to choose from around the town including Pebbles coffee house, Barista fourteen and my personal favourite Passiflora which not only offers coffee but houseplants and stunning homeware too. 

(Passiflora, Cross Street in Seaton - Image copyright to passiflora) 

 Seaton also has ladies clothing and accessories store on Fore Street called Fifi & Binx worth checking out. Fore more homeware and clothing you'll find Brogan Buzec on Fore Street. Just a few doors down you'll find the children's bookshop Owl & Pyramid. 

When thinking about your Christmas dinner be sure to pop into Little Gems on Cross Street where you'll be able to get all your fruit and veg, have a chat with her about ordering and reserving everything you need for the big day and then down to the Taste of devon butchers on Fore Street. It will be worth popping in and having a chat with them and ordering in anything you need to be sure its reserved and ready for you at Christmas.  Another place to check out for foodie items is Natural Worx 

Don't forget to treat your pets this festive season, you'll be able to find what you need at Animal Botanical on Queen Street. If they haven't got what you need in store have a chat with them and they might be able to order it in. They are really helpful in there. 

If you have a gamer in the family or a friend who is a 'nerd' you really must check out one of the coolest shops in Seaton (according to my pre-teen sons), Item Drop. You'll find a fantastic range of products in store, some great 'main' gifts and stocking fillers too. 

If you know someone who appreciates artwork or quality handmade items then you should really take a look at Tryptich Gallery and Grandpas Gallery where you'll find some absolutely stunning items.

(Triptych Gallery this festive season - image copyright to Triptych Gallery) 

There are many more shops around Seaton that I haven't mentioned here that are well worth visiting. There is a Christmas late night opening event happening in Seaton on Saturday 26th November too so a great opportunity to go for a browse around.