Finding ways to keep our family business afloat in ever changing and challenging times

 One of the ways we as a family are adapting to the changing and challenging times is working more on our blogs and YouTube channels. That way people who want to support us but don't have the funds to make purchases in our shop or on our website can still help us without spending a penny. 

Clicking on the adverts on our blog and watching, liking and commenting on our YouTube channels all helps. We get paid (a very minimal amount, but every penny counts) by adsense and YouTube when you interact with us on those platforms. 

If you haven't already please subscribe to our two main channels: 

Art and design by KB 
a channel dedicated to arts, crafts & books too. 

a channel about growing, cooking and preserving our own food in an urban setting. About general homemaking and also meal planning and living on a budget. 

Simply by subscribing you are helping to get the channel seen. When you interact this is when it really helps us so if you have a question about something you see in one of the videos or you have a link you want to share to your own video or blog that relates to what is seen feel free to put those in the comments. All positive interaction helps us. 

We are already starting to rely on this part of our business and I can see it being more and more important as the weeks, months and years progress. 

If you blog or vlog and would like us to follow your channels add a link to them in the comments.