Ever thought of running your own shop? Would 6 months rent FREE persuade you to give it a try?


Have you ever thought about opening and running your own shop, maybe even in Seaton? 

I often hear people say how they wish they could give up their day job to open a shop, of course it seems like fun, but in reality it is really hard work running a shop. 

Those who are passionate about the idea though and really want to go forward with the idea but haven't yet, I'd be interested to know what has stopped you?
The business rates?
 Energy price rises? 
Rent costs?
Stock costs? 
Not having enough time? 
Cost of living crisis? 
Something else? 

There are many things to consider when you are planning on opening a high street shop, it isn't something I would recommend simply jumping into. Take the time to research everything, ask other shop owners their advice and really think about if it is something you can see yourself doing for the long term. Running a shop is a big commitment and time consuming, the hours the shop is open are not the only hours you will end up working. 

One of the most important things to do is customer research, do the people living in the area you are considering opening a shop want or need whatever it is you are thinking of offering? Are you offering them something different to what is already available in the area? 

If all of the above hasn't put you off yet and you have an idea for a shop that you really want to try what would persuade you to give it a go? 

Would 6 months RENT FREE persuade you? 

 If you had the opportunity to open up a shop in Seaton, Devon and get the first 6 months of your rent FREE so you could focus on the other costs related to opening a business would this be enough to convince you to give it a go? 

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who would be tempted by this idea. What sort of high street shop would you open in Seaton? Let me know in the comments.