What service or product can you not find in Seaton, Devon?

I find it interesting how in Seaton, Devon there are so many services and products that local independent shops offer that people, both the local community and visitors, don't know about. I'm often asked 'is there anywhere that sells this' or 'does Seaton not have a..' and I can usually think of at least one place that either sells the product or offers the service. 

So I thought it would be interesting to put the question out there and get the conversation flowing. What product or service are you looking for in Seaton but haven't yet found? Maybe it isn't available or maybe it is but you've not come across it yet and someone else can help by informing where the said product or service can be found. 

Feel free to comment on this blog post or in the comments on Facebook where this post is shared and I'll do a follow up post, probably next month to share some of the findings of what's being asked for and places others are recommending to find those things if they are already available. 

Seaton is such a wonderful place to live and to visit, let's try and be positive about it as much as possible and share with each other the things we love about it.