“There is nothing for kids and teens to do in Seaton” say some parents, are they right?

This is something that I often hear and read on social media and it appears to be a very emotive subject. I personally have children who are now nearly 10 and 12 as well as three step children between 11 and 14 who regularly stay here in Seaton with us. 

Though not born and raised in Seaton I've lived and worked here now for 8 years so feel that I have got to know the place and it is home for me and my family. The opinion that ''Seaton has nothing to offer children and teenagers'' in my opinion is quite wrong. There are a number of things that Seaton has for children and young people, of course there could be more, of course there are some things missing, especially indoor activities but this is the same for most towns around the UK. I wouldn't say that Seaton is completely without anything for youth to do. 

Seaton has a variety of things on offer for children and teenagers to get involved in, depending on their personal interests, here are just a few examples of the things I know about though I'm very sure there are many more... 

Local Parks 
Seaton has a number of different parks and open spaces for children and teenagers to enjoy. Depending on if they like a particular sport like football, basketball or generally using park equipment would depend on which I'd recommend. Elizabeth Road park for example has the basketball area and the Jurassic park has a good football set up. 

Skate Park 
Seaton has a skate park for those who like to use bikes, roller skates, scooters etc It is located at the Jurassic park. There are even events hosted there sometimes, for example this one, that was there in May 2022. 

If your teen enjoys running there are a number of clubs they could get involved in including Axe Valley Runners. You should be able to find out more information here. 

I'm not sure if these activities are still running since the pandemic but i know they did before at The Gateway, if you are interested in finding out more about drama clubs and performances for children and teens to get involved with I'd recommend contacting The Gateway. 

Dance Clubs 
There are probably a number of different dance clubs in Seaton, here is just one company worth contacting to find out more about dance in the Seaton area for children and teenagers. 

Martial Arts Clubs
I'm not full aware of all the different ones on offer in Seaton but i do know there are a number of different ones because i'm always seeing posts about them and the different types available in the area. One place you could look and find information would be here, but a quick search on google and i'm sure you'll find more. 

Art & craft workshops, clubs and activities  
There are a number of venues in Seaton that offer arts and crafts related sessions. 

Seaton Wetlands 
Seaton wetlands is a great place to enjoy for all ages, there is a lot to learn when visiting, they often host events for families or it can just be enjoyed as a place to walk around. 

Indoor and outdoor gym 
Seaton is lucky enough to have an outside FREE gym for teens and supervised children who are keen to keep fit. You'll find it at Seafield Gardens. 
There is also an LED run gym, you can find out more information on that here. 

Crazy Golf 
You can find out more about the crazy golf at Seafield gardens here 

Seaton has a football club and I know there are a number of football clubs for different ages in Seaton. You should be able to find out more information on football related activities for children in Seaton here. 

Seaton has a cricket club and they often run clubs and activities for children and teens to get involved with. You can find out some information here. 

I believe there is a tennis club for children, teens and adults in Seaton though I don't know much about it you should be able to find out some information here. There are also tennis pitches which i believe you can hire to use via LED. 

Youth Club 
Seaton's library offer a youth club, you can find out more about that here. 

Gaming clubs 
Item Drop, a shop in town offers clubs and activities for gaming fans and I believe a weekly drop in session. You can find out more about what they offer here. 

If your children or teens are interested in fishing then it may be worth contacting the  over by the harbor who might be able to help and advise. I also came across this fishing group on Facebook who might be able to help and advise more. Another place to look for information would maybe be Axe Yacht Club. Also Axe Valley Angling club. 

Watersports and related activities 
Axe Yacht Club would be one place I would recommend taking a look for information on water related activities and clubs in Seaton and Axmouth. It looks like they have information on sailing, boat hire and everything else water related. 
Seaton Bay Watersports are a local business offering activities too and well worth contacting if your family, child or teen want to try out paddle boarding or a kayak. 

The beach 
An obvious thing would be the beach, we are lucky in Seaton to have a beautiful blug flag awarded beach that doesn't ever get too busy and always has space to relax and enjoy. As long as children and teens are safe and respectful of others the beach can be a great space for then to enjoy. Rock pooling is great fun at most ages and at certain times of the day, when the tide is just right there is a whole world to experience in amongst the rocks. 

Hopefully the information above will help you find things to do for children and teens here in Seaton, Devon. As I mentioned previously there is likely more that I've missed. 

If you are looking for more information on what is available to children and teens in Seaton then there are some other places you can look for information

Seaton Tourist Information Centre - by visiting them on the seafront or taking a look here online. 

Seaton Nub News - a local online news outlet which often lists information on events and worth checking for information. 

Seaton Facebook pages for example:
 Positive development for Seaton
Seaton Notice Board 
Totally locally Seaton 


  1. Well said .It would be nice for the Gateway to trial Saturday morning cinema for kids or for table tennis to be set up providing they have the money to obtain tables.With our British weather we need indoor facilities for them .


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