The best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world (in our opinion)


You may think we are exaggerating but to us, this is the best cookie recipe in the world and we plan to use it whenever we fancy some soft and yummy chocolate chip cookies. 

We've experimented with the ingredients a little from the original recipe and have adapted it to make it perfect for us and in our opinion this is now the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. 

The original recipe was from a very old childrens cookbook of mine which my children now use

This is the recipe from the book: 

100g butter 
100g caster sugar 
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla essence 
175g plain flour 
175 chocolate chips 

We have however adapted it, we use less chocolate chips (approx. 100g usually which is exactly one bag, this saves a little money) and we make more cookies with the amount we usually get 16 rather than 12 from the recipe. We bake at 180c (preheated oven) for 18mins usually and out comes the most amazing soft and tasty chocolate chip cookies. 

This is the perfect recipe for children, it is quick and easy and they get to enjoy a yummy treat after. As you can see my son, Finley, aged 9 in this photo still loves making them every time.