The 3 best cafes in Seaton, Devon | May 2022

I've lived and worked in Seaton now for over 8 years and though I don't get much time myself to visit the local cafes (I wish I did but I'm always working) as I'm a shop owner I do get to overhear and be told about experiences both locals and visitors have in other local shops and in cafes. 

Just for a bit of fun I thought I would share with you the top 3 rated cafes in Seaton going on the information I get told and overhear as a shop owner in Seaton. So not my personal experience of the cafes but that of others who are directly sharing their opinions with me or who are talking about their experiences with friends, family and other people whilst browsing in my shop. 

The best 3 cafes in Seaton right now in May 2022, as per what I'm hearing are...

3rd place - Barista Fourteen 

Unfortunately I couldn't find a website or open Facebook page for Barista Fourteen online, only a closed private Facebook group. I don't know much about the cafe though I believe it is quite new, it is tucked away in a corner on Cross Street but from what I'm hearing is a very sweet little space that offer wonderful cakes. I am hearing that it is a 'lovely little surprise' to find and very nice and calm for people who want a cuppa in peace. It looks like they may also offer private hire. 
It sounds like it is well worth a visit if you are looking for super scrummy cake and a cuppa. 

2nd place - Pebbles Coffee House 

(Image copyright to Pebbles picture as seen on their Facebook page) 

Pebbles Coffee House is on Marine Place and offers a variety of food and drink. I've heard so many great things about Pebbles over the years. Not only is it a great place for a coffee & cake or a lunch stop but it also offers special Sunday lunches and meal clubs which the community and visitors staying in the area seem to love. It is run by a really lovely couple and some great staff who work hard to make every customer feel welcome. 

If you are visiting Seaton and looking for somewhere nice to eat or drink then I'd recommend a visit to Pebbles because from what I'm hearing the food is not only really tasty but great value too. 

1st place - Passiflora 

(Image copyright to Passiflora, as seen on their Facebook page) 

Passiflora is a beautiful little cafe on Cross Street. As well as being a cafe it also sells a selection of house plants, clothing and home decor. I've heard only great things about Passiflora since it opened. It changed hands recently and now has new owners from when it first opened but the praise and love for this little coffee shop continues. Visitors and locals alike seem to love the coffee, the vibe that the place has and the cute little courtyard garden. 

If you are visiting Seaton and are looking for top quality coffee then I would highly recommend a visit to Passiflora as from what I'm hearing it is the best cafe in Seaton. 

Please note that there are many other cafes and places to eat and drink in Seaton that I'm sure are fantastic. I'm just sharing information on 3 places that I hear positive things about most often to spread a little positivity about Seaton. 

Some other great cafes in Seaton that I've heard of...

Coast Cafe Bar 

The Terrace Arts Cafe 

The Hideaway 

Finishing Touches 


there are probably more that I have missed and I apologies. 


  1. They are my three favourite go to places. We try and alternate between them. Always recommending them to others. 🥰

  2. I agree with your choices but also a great place for great coffee and really good cake is Jurassic Bites at Seaton hole


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