A beginners guide to canning in the UK


I recently decided to venture into the world of canning, something that I spent months researching using YouTube and Google. There was so much to learn about when it comes to canning and preserving food. Water bath canning, pressure canning, which are the best jars, which foods are high in acid and which foods are low in acid. 

I've made jams and pickles and stored those with success but not canned anything else yet. 

There was so much content online for Americans but very little I could find for those wanting to start canning in the UK. 

In the end, after much research I decided that the best first step for me would be to begin with Water Bath Canning. The cost of pressure canning for me just wasn't accessible yet, pressure canners are expensive and most are imported to the UK from abroad. 

To get myself started in water canning I purchased a book called 'Ball -Canning back to basics' 

I then purchased a home preserving / canning starter set also by the same brand, ball. It included all the tools that through research I thought I would need and 4 jars to get me started too. 

I have previously made and preserved jams and chutneys but never have I used canning techniques. I'm looking forward to giving canning a go. It does look like the most important thing is to stick to the rules and recipes to avoid any issues or health risks. 

Home Preserving starter set available here

Ball - Canning back to basics book available here

I'll update you with my progress once I get started.