Looking for posts about gardening and growing your own food?


If you have been looking for my gardening and growing related blog posts you'll find them over on www.tomatoesandtulips.co.uk 

That is my blog / website dedicated to all things related to gardening, growing your own food, using it and preserving it. 

With household finances being stretched to breaking point for many families in the UK it is time for us to seriously start to consider the benefits of growing our own food. It can be expensive growing food but there are ways to do it on a budget and this is what I'm passionate about sharing. 

I've been sharing my gardening and allotment journey now for a few years and this year I'm determined to share more about helping people to start growing their own food on a budget. 

So please head over to 


*The photo above is of my small courtyard garden where I grow food in containers.