Birdsong - have you noticed the difference in Seaton?

Has anyone else noticed the difference this year? Usually the only bird sounds i hear around town this time of year are gulls (seagulls) and if i'm honest i'm not a big fan of them or their noise. 

I do however like to hear the chatter of various other birds going about their day. I love to see them diving in and out of the hedges at the fronts of properties on my morning walk taking my boys to school. We often see them collecting twigs for their nests too. After dropping the boys off, on my way to work i can hear the birds chirping away all the way down harepath road even with the sounds of cars passing now and then. 

I don't know if its just me noticing the different this year because i'm grateful to be out and about more than i was during lockdown or if there are less noisy gulls around town and this allows the beautiful sound of various other birds to be heard. Not only have i heard more birds but I've seen more in my garden too, i'm no bird expert and likely to be wrong but i think I've seen wrens, robins and blackbirds at least. I've never noticed them in the garden before this year though. 

I'd love to hear from you whether you are in Seaton or any other local areas if you have started to notice the sounds of various birds more this year to previous years.