A review of my first visit to The Shed Steakhouse in Seaton, Devon | May 2021

If you know me you'll know that I can't go anywhere without blogging about it, so after a visit to The Shed Steakhouse, here is my review! 

Yesterday evening I went out on a 'girls night' for the first time in many, many years. I very rarely eat out or drink alcohol but a close friend of mine is leaving the country soon so I want to make extra effort to spend time with her as much as possible before she leaves later this year. 

On entering The Shed I was greeted by a polite young lady who seated us, the safety arrangements in place were very good and the table spacing made us feel comfortable too. The space was clean and tidy and the decor gave a calm and relaxed feel. The music playing was at just the right level to be there but not overpower our conversations, great choice of music too, i heard some of my all time favourite bands in the mix. 

The four of us started with a glass of prosecco whilst we browsed the Bar menu. The bar manager greeted us and kindly answered our questions about the cocktails on the menu. We chose our cocktails and then browsed the food menu.

The photo at the top is of the cocktail I chose called 'In the clear' it was refreshing, fruity and not too strong; just what I wanted to start off the evening. Cocktails is something I used to always choose when I used to go out with friends in my early 20's but it's been many years and I wasn't sure if I'd still like them. Turns out I do. 

The cocktail below was what my friend started with, I have forgotten the name now but she said it was really nice. I loved the attention to detail with the cocktails, adding the fruits and dried flowers to give it that extra special touch. 

We all decided to have starters as they all sounded really interesting on the menu. I chose the cauliflower bites with hummus. They were delicious, packed full of flavour and a perfect texture. I believe these were suitable for vegetarians (don't quote me on this though, double check with them) My friends each had different ones and all said how great they were. 

We ordered our mains at the same times as ordering starters just to make things easier. This worked out well as there wasn't too much of a gap between starters and mains, just the right amount of time to finish and enjoy our drinks. I chose to have the ultimate burger, i haven't taken a very good photo here, it looked much more appetizing in person i promise! The chips were AMAZING probably the best chips I've had in years, i don't know how they made them but they were chunky, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and really very tasty. The burger was great too, really good flavours and very filling. 

My friend had a steak, rib eye i think it was. It looked really good and she said it tasted fantastic. The other two ladies both had chicken burgers which they made changes too as they didn't like all the fillings listed on the menu. The staff were very accommodating and took the requests happily, everything came out just as they had asked for. (I didn't take photos of these as i haven't know these ladies very long and thought it would be rude to take photos of their food, haha) 

I was full after my main but a couple of the others chose to have deserts. The menu looked so tempting that i very nearly caved in and got one but i literally could not manage another bite. If they started offering an option to take your desert home though i would have had to buy one to take away! My friend had the chocolate tort i think it was called, pictured below, which came with a sorbet. She loved it! 

We enjoyed the rest of the evening talking and laughing, the staff were great and took good care of us checking in to see if we needed additional drinks. We all tried different drinks and at the end of the night my friend decided to try a specialty shot. The barman was great, he custom made shots for the two of us who wanted them (i didn't go for this, i'm not brave enough) and both were enjoyed. It was a really lovely personal service. 

Overall i had a fantastic evening, as i said before i don't go out often so i wasn't sure what to expect and with the current situation and having to wear masks etc i will admit i was more nervous than usual but everything felt very calm, organised and well managed. I got through the night with only two video calls and three messages from my sons, it was the first night i'd been out without them in more years than i can rmeember so i thought that was quite good, haha. 

I would highly recommend the food, it was one of the best meals I've had in a very long time. After telling my partner about my evening we have decided to save up so we can visit together for a date night one day soon. Prices are what you would expect from a quality eatery, not a price i could afford regularly being a family on a tight budget but a price well worth saving for to have as an occasional treat. 

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a good quality meal then i would highly recommend a visit to The Shed Steakhouse in Seaton. 

If you are looking for somewhere in Seaton to enjoy cocktails and drinks with friends then i can again, highly recommend their bar menu. I believe you can go in just for drinks, you don't have to order a meal. They do have a great range of sides / nibbles too so you could just go for a nice evening of drinks and nibbles. One side is dedicated to the bar and the other to those having full meals so you won't feel out of place. 

A big thank you to The Shed Steakhouse for having us, thank you to my lovely friend (you know who you are) for dragging me out into the big wide world and to the two other lovely ladies who it was really lovely to meet and spend time with. I hope we will again soon as i had a really lovely evening. 

The Shed Steakhouse website here

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