What retail in Seaton is missing?


I've lived in Seaton since 2014 with my young family. When i moved here the town looked so different to the way it does now. Things have changed around the town over the years and many improvements have been made. It is fantastic to see nearly all of the shop units in use and to see such a great range of retail opening up around the town. 

I enjoy chatting to visitors who talk about our little town, those who have visited before often comment on the improvements and those who have never visited have mostly great things to say about Seaton. I know that there will always be a difference of opinion and it is impossible to please everyone but i do feel Seaton is on the up and there is so much to be thankful for in our little town. We have some beautiful open spaces, a stunning shoreline, a real community feel and a town of small businesses doing their best to please residents and tourists. 

If you could add any other retail shops to Seaton what sort of shops would you like to see? 

In a small town like ours what do you like to see, independent shops, franchises, chain stores or a mix? 

*As always all posts on my blog are my personal opinions only*


  1. A mix of independent, franchises & chains in that order. I would really like a shoe shop as I love shoes 👠


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