My little shop is re-opening - April 12th 2021


So today is my first day back at work, 12th April 2021 as 'non-essential' shops are allowed to re-opened again as government restrictions have been lifted! It feels really strange to be back in the shop, i didn't sleep much last night as i was so nervous about the days ahead but now i'm in here working and writing it feels great (i'm still a bag of nerves but happy nerves). 

One of the positives of lockdown for me has been spending so much time with my boys, i know many people struggled having kids at home and i did have days when they were 'home schooling' that i struggled with the constant questions but just being with them so much more was an amazing feeling. I've worked my whole life, i was back to work quickly after both my boys were born so i felt like i missed out on so much of their lives (a big regret of mine) so i guess in a way the time i got with them recently was a chance for me to catch up on lost time and make memories with them. It was very odd when they went back to school but i didn't go straight back to work, it reaffirmed for me that i would have been a terrible 'stay at home' mum. I need to be busy and doing things all the time, there is only so much housework i can do in our little home and i can't sit still for long without getting bored / over thinking! (unless i have a book and coffee in my hand of course, i can read for hours if i'm in the right mood) 

I've spent a lot of time in my garden and at my little allotment throughout lockdown, it's been lovely having more time outside. Anyone that knows me knows i have a real passion for gardening; growing fruits, vegetables and cut flowers. I have a separate blog called Tomatoes & Tulips where i document my journey, over the years I've learnt so much and fallen more and more in love with growing. My ultimate dream is to purchase a small piece of land somewhere around Seaton that i can grow much more fruit, veg and cut flowers on (and keep chickens) my young family enjoy getting involved so a family small holding would be fantastic for us. Unfortunately I've not seen any suitable land available locally but i'll keep dreaming and hoping! 

I'm part way through the final year of my Philosophy MA now too, it's really challenging but i'm enjoying it. I've completed 3 TMA's so far and achieved good marks including a merit which i wasn't expecting at this level of study. I started considering PhD positions for straight after (hopefully) completing the MA but after much thought I've decided to take a gap year from studies to focus on other life goals. If you know me well you know i have many of those! I'm not one to just sit and let life pass me by, i like to have lots of things on the go at once to keep my busy. 

I hope everyone is enjoying getting back to normality, even if only slightly and slowly. If you hear of an land for sale in the local area please let me know anything within 15miles of Seaton and between 1 & 5 acres would be great!