Keeping chickens in an urban garden



I've always loved the idea of keeping chickens and have spent a few years researching the pro's & cons, the risks and the possible health issues etc. I already grow a large amount of the fruits, vegetables and salads we as a family consume and i would love to keep two chickens for eggs (and because i think they would make interesting pets) 

 One of the things i couldn't find a solid answer to though, whilst doing my research, was exactly how much space chickens need to be happy and keep healthy. Obviously it very much depends on the breed of chicken and whether they will be let out to roam free daily or if they will spend the majority of time in their coop and run. I have a small courtyard but i have a space that i think would be ideal for two smaller breed chickens, i would also let them roam around the garden for part of the day too. The courtyard is enclosed so i'm not worried about foxes etc I'm aware that they like to scratch around and that they could potentially dig up all my plants. That is all part of the learning curve that comes with looking after any animals, adapting to their needs and their little quirks. 

I do fear though that being in a built up area having houses close by they may become noisy and this would upset our neighbours. Something i really don't want to do. I have been reading conflicting information on whether chickens are noisy, some say they can be initially when settling in but are otherwise quiet. 

I'd really love to hear from people who have actual experience keeping chickens in built up areas. What challenges have you faced? Would you recommend or would you say its not a good idea? If you keep chickens in the Seaton area (or even further away but are able to give your advice) i would love to hear from you about your experience of keeping them 

Even if i don't get chickens now for this home it is certainly something i would like to learn more about as i hope to in the future find suitable land to create a family small holding. 

*Photo sourced from the internet - link here*