My new reading room

My new reading room 

So toward the end of 2020, in December in fact, I decided to turn our unused 'spare room', which had a bed (which obviously through 2020 never got used as we were not allowed visitors!) and a desk in, into a reading room, a quiet space that I could surround myself with books, blankets and candles. It also has my desk in so I can study, write my essays and my blog posts in a calm and quiet space away from hustle and bustle of the family. 

The room quickly became a favorite of mine but also surprisingly of my sons. They love to join me in the room, to relax on the sofa of the chair and read, colour or write. They understand that the space is a calm space and is not for gaming or loud music. As a music loving family every other room has devices for playing upbeat music, this room however has only classical music and calming spa style music. The boys seem to enjoy it of an evening, its been nice to share in this with them. 

 As we are a family on a budget I had to look for budget furniture. I was able to find 3 tall thin bookcases which worked well on one side of the room, I had to leave a gap as the only electricity sockets in the room are in there so needed to be accessible. I also found a low cost sofa and chair for the room too. I upcycled an old stool, painting it and re-purposing it as a side table. 

I already have an area for books under the stairs in our house, the books there are mainly children's books and non-fiction about plants, cooking and the world. These bookcases will be for my interests. I have my favorite authors on one bookshelf, the one facing out here, then I have my fiction collection which has grown since i took this photo and I've now also used the last bookcase for my current study books, my previous study books and also my vintage books. We are a family of book overs, i have always wanted my boys to love books as much as i do so do my best to encourage reading of fiction and non-fiction as well as writing short stories and poems. 

I have been looking on Instagram nd Pinterest for inspiration on how to make the room more cosy, I've got lots of ideas so I expect I'll do an updated blog in the future. 

As you can see there is plenty of room for new books this year, I'm looking forward to visiting my local bookshops to stock up, i just hope i find enough time to read all the books on my wish list this year! 

If you'd like to follow my book journey you can link with me on Goodreads using this link. I over to chat with other book lovers so feel free to get in touch via Goodreads or my book themed insta account here.