Goodbye 2020


I'm pretty confident when I say I don't think there was anyone in the UK, if not the world who could have foreseen this time last year how 2020 would turn out. It has been one of the strangest years of my life. 

I could list all of the things that went wrong this year, all of the struggles our family has been through and all of the times i wondered if I would get through another day but instead I think I'm going to review my 2020 goals and focus on the positives of 2020 for this, my final post of 2020. 

The goals I set myself for 2020 were mainly focusing on spending more quality time with my family, looking at ways I could get more involved with my local community, working on the growth and success of my small business and improving my personal health. 

Well I certainly managed to make more time for my family, not necessarily the family outside of my household but for sure my young sons! I spent more quality time with them this year that I ever have. The forced closure of my little shop was scary but it was also eye opening to how much i miss every day of my sons lives. I loved spending time with them, teaching them, playing games with them, creating with them and working on house projects with them. 

I did my best to get more involved with my local community though i will admit at times my mental health got in the way stopping me from getting involved in some of the projects i would otherwise have liked too. I am enjoying working with a local team on some street art projects, i organised late night shopping for Seaton shops and i also towards the end of the year joined the town council to see if there are ways I can help so I'm happy that I've put in enough effort on this goal. 

It's been a seriously tough year for my small business, it's been a challenge to keep the shop afloat let alone work on growth or success. I am pleased though that I've been able to keep the business going despite the forced closures, I've worked 6 day weeks on my own with no staff as i can no longer afford staff members but I've also learnt that it is OK to limit opening hours to give my family more time. I used to think i needed to have the shop open all hours but life has been so much better since i set more manageable opening hours over 6 days a week so that i can still take my boys to school and pick them up every day then spend time with them afterschool rather than always being in the shop expecting them to occupy themselves. Customers have been supportive and i'm still open 5 hours a day 6 days a week for there is still plenty of time for people to shop. I've also added local delivery and click & collect services so all in all an OK year for my little business. 

My personal health goals have been up and down through the year, it started with a dip, a very big dip both mentally and physically but has ended much better. I've lost 3 stone this year and I hope to lose another 3 in 2021. 

So overall, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, it's been difficult for everyone due to the obvious global situation but as I look forward to 2021 I am full of hope and happiness.