Die storage ideas on a budget


Over the years I've built up quite a collection of dies, admittedly when i took a break from crafting i sold off quite a few of my collection so this is actually only a small amount in comparison to what i used to have! 

Since moving into my new craft room (take a look here at my new craft room set up!) i have come up with new ways of storing my dies. At first i thought i would keep them in a box, then i decided to put them onto magnetic sheets and into a folder but i realised the best way for me to storage them was out on display as that way i am more likely to be inspired to use them. Being on a budget as most of us crafters are i had to think up ways of using what i had available. 

For my nesting dies i decided to use the peg board already up on the wall in my studio. I is a fantastic way to store the nesting dies together in their sets. 

For the remainder of my dies i have opted for a  large board that is up on the opposit wall. This is actually an old dry wipe board that is slightly magnetic. I've used the magnetic sheets that the dies came with. Some attached magnetically to the board others were not strong enough so i used double sided tape. As you will see in the You Tube video about my die storage i haven't yet finished filling the board. There is space for me to add more magnetic sheets and dies when i need too. 

A simple and budget friendly way for me to store my dies in an accessible and inspirational space. I'm more likely to use them when i can see them like this. The great thing is i can use my nesting dies with fabic on my gemini too which means i can have a go at some quilting and fabric projects soon!