Taking a tour of artists studios | Devon Open Studios 2020


I've been an art lover all my life and have always been a supporter of local artists of all levels. I myself am exhibiting as part of the Devon Open Studios again this year but i wanted to give myself a couple of days to go out and about in Devon touring studios of fellow artists too. I took the decision to close on Sundays to give me the opportunity to get out and i am so pleased i did! 

I went out and saw some amazing studios by very talented artists, below you will be able to see some photos of the places i visited. I wish i could have fitted in more visits and hope to be able to find time to get to some more in the next two weeks. I found talking to the artists and seeing the spaces in which they work very inspiring.  

Liese Webley : Venue 18 
I had seen some of Liese's work online and was drawn to visit by her use of vibrant colours which she applys in a bold and striking way. I got to see some of Liese's older watercolour work too which i loved and i purchased a small print of one of her pieces that i fell in love with. I really love her way of working and her little studio at the bottom of her garden was brilliant! If you are looking for a vibrant colourful piece to brighten up your home or office then i highly recommend a visit! You won't be disappointed. 


Rod Ashman : Venue 15 
Rods studio was a fantastic bright and light space full of his stunning work. I could have spent hours in his studio looking through his variety of sketch books. I love his use of mixed media, colour and texture. As someone who loves and lives by the sea Rod's main subject matter of coastlines meant i had to visit his studio. There were so many pieces i really wanted to bring home with me in fact i've made a note of a couple that i might have to go back and purchase as now i'm home i feel like they are calling me back. His work is beautiful and to me very calming so his work would suit anyone looking for something for their home or workspace. 


Jo Voller : Venue 33 
WOW. Wow was my first response to walking into this studio. I honest don't think i've ever seen a more beautiful studio in my entire life. Jo works in a converted outhouse that overlooks rolling hills. Her use of the space is fantastic and letting us see her raw studio space with all her art materials out on show was just fantastic and so inspiring. Looking at Jo's artwork i felt like i was in a London art gallery, her work is truly breathtaking. I love her style, her use of colour and movement. I really wanted a particular piece which unfortunately was out of my budget but i will be sure to save up and go back as i have the perfect spot for it among the various artwork i have at home (my house is full of artwork by local artists, you can read more about that here). I would highly recommend visit Jo's studio if you can you will likely come away totally inspired like i was. If you are looking for a very special piece for your home, office or as a present for someone special then you really must visit. 


Victoria Goodman : Venue 36
Victoria is actually next to me in the online brochure (i'm venue 37) and so i wanted to try and get to visit. Unfortunately she wasn't there to meet and it wasn't in her studio but in a set up space, however it was well worth a visit to see her beautiful work. Victoria's work to me is very soft and calm, i love her way of depicting views in a serene and thought provoking way. 

I did also visit a couple of other studios that i totally forgot to take photos of. They were all wonderful! I really hope that you will take my advice and get out to visit some of the venues showcasing talented local artists in Devon. 

You can find out more about Devon Artist Network and the Devon Open Studios here

Find out about my Devon Open Studios showcase and opening times here

*I would just like to mention that all were brilliantly COVID safe. We wore masks when visiting, there was sanitizer available and all were in open ventilated spaces. We felt very safe.