Are beautiful towns better?


This year I'm studying for the final year of my Masters. I'm hoping to complete my MA in Philosophy after successfully completing year 1 in 2019/2020.  As this year I get to chose my subject focus I have chosen to look at aesthetics, in particular the affect a towns aesthetics has on the wellbeing of communities who live in them and other linked questions. My ultimate goal is to go on to complete a PhD related to similar research. 

'Are beautiful towns and cities better?' obviously this is a very broad question but this will lead to me researching firstly what we mean by 'better', what makes towns beautiful, whether beauty in terms of towns is subjective or objective, what effect being beautiful really has for the towns/cities and other linked questions. 

I'm looking for information and opinions on how people feel about the aesthetics of the towns and cities they live in. I'm talking about the architecture, layout and design but also the day to day look of the town. If it is well kept and tidy, if it is clean, has floral displays and freshly painted buildings etc 

Do you feel that the look of the town affects you? Does it make you feel proud of the town or feel frustrated with it? 

Do you feel that a towns aesthetics has an affect on its future development and investment potential? 

Do you feel that a towns aesthesis affects its ability to draw in tourism. 

Do the look or a town have no affect at all? Does it even matter? 

If you have any views on this or you have any advice for me on research already available. If you have studied this subject before and have any suggestions for me I would love to hear from you. You can comment here on my blog or you can email me at 

Thank you in advance for any opinions or help you are able to offer.