Weightloss Journey : Week 4


Monday 10th August was my week 4 weight in and i lost 2.8lbs taking my total loss to 1st 1.5lbs in 4 weeks. I'm really pleased with my progress so far but i know that this is the stage where it is going to get difficult. That stone is the stone i lose and gain all the time. Keeping it off and progressing with my new lifestyle plan to hopefully lose more weight is the challenge. 

The strange thing is i haven't actually had to 'restrict' myself, i feel like i'm eating the same amounts i always have. I am making what i think are better choices and documenting everything so i can keep track but other than that my eating hasn't changed. I'm having roughly 1250 - 1450 cals a day, varied depending on how i feel and what i choose to eat. What has changed though is i'm working out a lot more, i'm trying to keep my steps over 8000 a day with added home workouts including weights and PT training sessions once a week so far. 

I'm enjoying the process and making healthy lifestyle changes. I've found some great lower calorie alternatives to things i enjoy and i've found new things like coconut milk & almond milk. I only drink black coffee and i don't like milk so i hadn't had milkshakes / iced coffees in years. I tested out homemade almond / coconut iced coffees and they are amazing! I have also recently testing our caramel iced coffees which are super yummy and less than 40cals! 

Most importantly i haven't had any 'binge eating' episodes when feeling low. I've had low days and i've felt awful a couple of times but rather than turning to food i've turned to excersize like walking or a home workout with loud music. So far so good!