Weightloss Journey : Week 3

Today was the end of week 3 & weigh day. I lost 8.2lbs which is a fantastic loss but I realise not one that will likely ever happen again. I'm guessing it is catching up after week 2's small loss.

Week 1: -4lbs
Week 2: -0.8lbs
Week 3: -8.2lbs

Total of 13lbs lost so far which I'm pleased with. I'm also comfortably wearing a size smaller clothing which is great. I have such a long way to go so I really hope that I can continue to lose!

I've learnt that an average of around 1300cals a day works for me, too low & I feel unwell and obviously didn't lose very well in week 2  when taking in 900cal - 1200cal a day. Since moving to 1300cal a day in week 3 I've felt better and lost more. Only time will tell if I'm on the right track now!

I'm trying to do at least 8000+ steps a day and excersizing 5 times a week with my weights at home, plus a PT session once a week.

I really hope I can continue to lose weight & improve my fitness levels