The start of my weight loss journey

My weight loss journey

I'm writing this on Friday 17th July, with a view to adding my final updates on Monday 20th July with details on my weigh in.

I have decided to start documenting my journey, mostly for myself as a form of accountability. I've struggled with my weight all my life and i've tried various different diets. I've never found anything that works for me and as a result i'm stuck in a body i hate.

In December 2019 i joined a local gym with a view of adding more exercise to help me hopefully lose weight. Obviously lockdown put a stop to that. I'm not happy with myself for how i coped in lockdown, i could have spent the time excersizing and focusing on getting healthy but i didn't i in some ways fell apart.

I'm not sure what suddenly triggered in my brain last week to actually pull myself together but something did on Friday 10th July. On that day i started recording my calorie intake on my Fitbit app and as usual wearing my Fitbit but taking more notice of the activity levels and step count.

I have decided i'm not going to diet, i'm not going to change anything majorly about my eating i'm just going to excersize as much as possible. I'm going to record my calorie intake and make choices that i feel will help my body and by listening to my body i will adapt my eating to make me feel comfortable. I suffer with bloating so i'm going to see if i can figure out how to get rid of that.

I have my first personal training session booked in for later today with Nordic Power, you'll be able to read about how that went in my next blog post.

I have no idea if anything is going to work for me. I have never managed to get control of my weight issues so this may end up being a pointless post but at least i'm trying!

Week 1: - 4lbs
Week 2: - 0.8lbs
Week 3: - 8.2lbs