My first PT session : A review of Nordic Power Personal Trainer

Today I had my first ever PT session with Richard from Nordic Power. I found him on Instagram and further researched him on Facebook. 

I saw some good reviews and that there was no monthly commitment, just a £20 per hour charge pay as you go. This was what helped me to make the decision to give it a try. Being on such a tight budget at the moment and unsure how I would cope with a full hour workout I wasn't able to join monthly with some other PT's i had found online / locally. 

So i contacted Nordic Power who was happy to come to me here in Seaton for an hours PT session. He brought everything needed for the session. Here is what I looked like after... 

I look bright red, sweaty and yes I am exhausted but I'm also seriously proud of myself! I can't believe I did it.
(I should probably mention, I'm overweight, very overweight. I'm carrying 7stone more that my body should. I am trying my best to lose weight but through excersize and healthy eating rather than dieting.)
A whole hour of excersize. I did everything he asked of me without giving up. Anyone who knows me knows I have anxiety issues so meeting with new people in most situations is really hard for me but Richard was very calm & guided me through each excersize. I felt encouraged not judged which really helped me push through.

So I want to say a massive thank you to Richard of Nordic Power. I can honestly highly recommend him to anyone wanting to lose weight or get fit. He creates personalised routines to suit each persons needs at an affordable price, pay as you go. 

I believe he is based in Honiton but he was happy to travel to me here in Seaton. 

*Covid safe and out in the open for ventilation