We tried a takeaway from Ragini in Seaton : An honest review

As a family on a tight budget we very rarely get to treat ourselves to a takeaway but after spotting a VE day special offer from local Indian restaurant Ragini we decided to treat ourselves.

The VE day special was a pre-selected menu, we didn't get to choose what was included. It was advertised as £10 per meal including a salad, starter, curry, rice & popadom.

Ordering via telephone was easy and the food arrived within the hour to our doorstep. It was hot on arrival and everything was well packed. 

There was plenty for two adults, we probably could have even shared it with the kids if they hadn't already had tea! 

The curry we were told was a 'medium' heat and the starter was samosas. 

Everything was fantastic, tasty, flavorful and well cooked. It's been years since I had a takeaway curry and i've never had one in Seaton before. It was so different to how I remember a takeaway being. It tasted fresh and clean a real homemade feel to it. It was honestly fantastic. 

If you are thinking of getting a takeaway I can highly recommend Ragini in Seaton.