MasterChef Meal using Seaton independents Squirrel Veg & R Norman Butchers

This is what happens when you combine quality veg from local supplier Squirrel with quality meat from local butcher R Norman and a man who watches a lot of MasterChef.

This stunning meal was served to me today by the lovely Jon Betty who many will know as my partner who works with me in the art shop. Jon spends his weekdays working full time at the moment as a keyworker delivering medication but today instead of putting his feet up for a well earned rest he spent hours in the kitchen creating this masterpiece.

Jon and I love to support local shops & suppliers  when we can and two of our current favourites are:

 Squirrel Veg who are new to Seaton offering home delivery of fruit, veg and other food essentials
Find their Facebook page here

R Norman Seatons independent butcher on Fire Street.
Find their Facebook page here

Celaric, Potatoes, Fennel and milk was all from squirrel in their 'random box' which I had delivered last Sunday. 

Fillet steak from R Normal Jon purchased fresh yesterday. 

Chives from out allotment combined with butter and the thinly sliced celaric made yummy crisps 

Jon spent hours in the kitchen creating this beautiful meal. I usually only get served such creations on my birthday so I'm not sure what I did to deserve this one! 

I sneakily took photos of him whilst he was working away making the food not only taste amazing but look beautiful too. 

I can honestly say it was one of the best meals I've had. Everything was so full of flavour and perfectly cooked. 

Stay tuned for my next post where I will show the amazing desert he made using local suppliers too!