My first experience of using Squirrel Seaton a local independent fruit & vegetable business.

My first experience of using Squirrel Seaton  a local independent fruit & vegetables business. 

I first came across Squirrel when they mentioned opening a local greengrocer in Seaton. I thought this was fantastic news and looked forward to them opening. 

The world very suddenly then changed and we all found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. Squirrel quickly adapted and formed an online presence offering home delivery. 

I had had a look at the online website and considered ordering a few times but on such a tight family budget at the moment due to the temporary closure of my business until the government guidelines change I realised I wouldn't be able to afford to order yet. The quality of the goods I could see others ordering looked amazing though!

When I saw the opportunity to purchase bargain bags of random fruits, vegetables and salad items though I jumped at the chance. I order one of each of the bags in the hope it would be enough for at least the week ahead. I was not disappointed. Everything in the photos we received. 

Random bags 
£5 veg & fruit bag
£5 fruit bag 
£10 veg bag 
£2 milk & bread 
& £2 delivery 
Total £24 

This was dropped to my doorstep, the doorbell rang & they retreated to a safe distance. I obviously washed the items and my hands after bringing it in also to be on the safe side. 

The website was easy to navigate and I paid on their website using card which was easy to do.

I am so pleased with everything we received. It will keep our family going with yummy healthy foods. I'm sat meal planning now using these items and store cupboard basics.

I have already planned to make soup with the cabbage, jacket potato with salad, fruit salads, veg casserole, blueberry muffins and more.

I would highly recommend Squirrel. If you can afford to select your own products then the quality is amazing and you will be supporting a small new local business.

If you are on a tight budget like us then if the opportunity comes up again I would say give the random bags a go. The random bags contain what would be considered 'seconds' quality products (I think from what I have read) I'm still pleased with them though, they are all perfectly edible.

I really hope that when things return to some form of normality that Squirrel will still open a local greengrocer.