Melting broken old crayons into fun new crayons

We took the time to sort through all our old pencils, pens and crayons this week. We realised we have a lot more creative supplies that we thought! (this is just the kids supplies, mine are in my studio and we are not going to go through those!)

Once sorted we chose what to keep, what to give away and what was broken or no longer working went in the bin. It took quite a while but it was interesting to see just how much we had . We didn't realise it was in different boxes and bags around the house. We've now organised it into one place in the house so we can keep track of it all better.

We decided that we would have a go at melting the crayons into new shapes and blend mixes, we'd seen it online and thought it looks like fun!

We used some old silicone molds that we used to use for chocolate but have now turned them into crayons molds. 

We kepy a close eye on them in the oven as we only wanted them to melt, not to bubble up and boil. There was mixed success we learnt that some of the crayons didn't melt at all whereas others melted really well and made beautiful new crayons! 

These are a few of the successful new crayons we have made. We've only used a quarter of the bowl of crayons so plan to make more over the coming weeks.