Magnets, Whiteboards & Pens : Lockdown Ideas for entertaining kids

 If you have a whiteboard & magnets at home here are some ideas to entertain your young ones. You can see in the pictures my son's age 7 & 9 enjoy these activities.

They each have a large whiteboard, dry wipe pens & a sponge. Here are some of the fun activities we've used the whiteboards for:

1. Drawing pictures

2. Drawing challenges & 'guess what I'm drawing'

2. Math challenges

4. 'Topic of the day' written on the board then spend time researching to find facts to add to the board and discuss through the day. 

5. Combine magnets with the pens to draw scenes and tell stories.

6. 'Today I'm greatful for' then add notes through the day

7. 'Today I'm feeling' then the boys write or draw about how they are feeling

These are just some of the fun things you can use whiteboards for, they are a great education and creative tool and it saves using up lots of paper too! 

I hope you are all staying home & staying safe. 
Love from Kerri-Ann & family. X