How Seaton is working together through this pandemic

During these very uncertain times it is really comforting to see so many people working together online to help and support each other. I have always said that Seaton has an amazing community, just look at how we as a town have responded to this global pandemic, online groups are being formed, helpful advice and content s being shared and virtual support is being given to everyone in need.

If you are able please continue to support the small businesses in the High Street, all are already facing difficult times and with this new pandemic the situation is for many getting worse daily. Many of the businesses are offering FREE local delivery so give them a call and see what they can do for you if you are unable to leave your house. Take a look here and a list of some Seaton businesses who are offering FREE local delivery. 

There are lots of ways you can support small local businesses without spending money too, take a look here. 

Take a look here at some more helpful support and information i have found...

A group has been formed on Facebook where people can help look after each other called Pandemic Support - East Devon 

A NEW Seaton Town Council page has been set up which aims to bring together those able to help each other during these very difficult time, you can find the page here 

Advice on how to help look after the elderly and vulnerable can be found here. 

Government guidelines and advice can be found here 

NHS advice can be found here