Home Schooling Day #3 : No matter how much they beg you don't cut their hair!

Lesson 1 : Research & Report
I wanted to teach the boys about how to research and report on topics so today we started with animals. They chose an animal each then off they went using books, the internet & Alexa to find facts.

It was a lovely activity that they both really enjoyed. They were so proud of each fact the found.

They recorded the facts into note books then used them to write up a report. 

We finished just in time to watch Steve Backshall on his FB Live Q&A the boys were fascinated. 

Lesson 2 : Reading, Writing & Spellings.
Quiet reading time followed by a book report.

If you haven't tried this activity yet I can highly recommend it. The boys love discussing and writing about the books they read.

Finally a spelling test. I'm so proud of how hard they try and give everything a go.

Break time we spent playing catch in the garden. No photos as I forgot my phone but lots of laughter out in the fresh air.

Lesson 3 : P.E. 
We watched a fitness video on YouTube then a Yoga one by cosmic kids yoga which was fantastic! 

Lesson 4 : Gardening & Games
We planted veg seeds & talked about what they needed to grow.

Then we moved up to the kitchen to play boardgames whilst I cooked lunch.

Lunch time we watched a film together & talked about our day so far. Seriously love spending so much time with my boys. I've learnt so much more about them in the past 3 days it's crazy how much I have been missing so focused on work all the time. 

Lesson 5 : was supposed to be science
We had everything ready for a science lesson but changed our minds. We finished up the posters from yesterday and then after days of being pestered to cut their hair I finally gave in! 

I won't show a close up photo of how bad my haircutting was but the boys were happy to have it out their eyes and away from their ears! 

Then we went into the garden for a water fight before jumping in the shower to wash off all the hair! Bubbles & water fights count as science, right?? 

Another day of home schooling complete. No tears today but I am physically and mentally exhausted. I'm falling asleep whilst writing this I'm so tired but the boys are still up playing. They are happy & healthy and I really can't ask for more. They miss their friends & family but they have done really well being housebound. We've chosen not to go for daily walks to avoid all risk instead we are using out little garden more. 

I hope you are all keeping well. Reach out if there is anything I can do to help.