What is good about Seaton, Devon?

If you had to promote Seaton to tourists or to those considering moving here and joining our community what would you say are '3 GREAT THINGS ABOUT SEATON' ??

I understand there are lots of things that need to be improved and i know there will be lots of negative thoughts but i'm interested in your POSITIVE thoughts about Seaton.

If you could pin point just 3 great things about Seaton as a town what would they be?

- A fantastic Beach?
- A traditional yet modern looking tramway?
- The Jurassic Centre?
- A fantastic range of parks for kids?

I'm sure there are many other positives, what are they? If you could comment here on the blog or even on the social media platforms that i share this post in that would be great. I'm really interested to find out what you all think are positives about Seaton.

Hopefully by thinking about and sharing the positives we can help to boost moral in the town and even aid in the promotion of Seaton as a town for tourists and for families thinking of moving here.