Calling All Artists & venue owners in Seaton

If you are an artist in the Seaton area and are not already signed up to the Devon Open Studios event in September this year I highly recommend looking into it.

Last year I took part in the Devon Open Studios which I found a brilliant experience not just in terms of art sales (which were fantastic) but for feedback and spreading the word about my venue too.

If you are an artist who is thinking of getting involved but don't want to open up your home studio get in touch and I will happily direct you to some venues in Seaton that would be interested in helping.

If you are a venue in Seaton who would like to offer a space for artists to showcase their work please get in touch, I can add you to the list of venues for artists. Cafes, shops and other spaces that can offer even small areas are brilliant, it helps the artists but also brings visitors to your venue.

The Devon Open Studios event is a massive Devon wide annual event that if we all work together will be fantastic for Seaton.

Further information available here:

Contact me with any questions, I'm happy to help.