Seaton Crazy Golf Course - Review from 26/07/19

Today I took the boys and our friends to Seaton's crazy golf course. Emily who is 6 joined Reu age nearly 9 and Fin age 7. The course is dino themed and looks fantastic with all the big sculptures of Dino eggs. It is extra beautiful at the moment with all the wildflowers surrounding it too.

It cost £2.60 per child (more for adults but I chose to watch)

Each part is different with different challenging elements. The kids had lots of fun.

They managed to get a hole in one on the one pictured below (after lots of 'practice' shots) 

Even though I was just watching it was a lovely afternoon activity I enjoyed walking around with them as they had lots of fun.

A top tip though would be to avoid the final one if you want to go around the course more than once as in the final one it keeps your ball.

The children all had a great time, we spent just over an hour going around twice. I'd definitely recommend it as a family activity for anyone living in or visiting Seaton.

If you want to see a short video of them playing see their You Tube channel here.

Find out more here on the LED website

There is so much to do in and around Seaton over the holidays and hopefully I'll be able to share more ideas with you all soon.