Seaton Wetlands Activity Day : Sunday 30th July

Today we went to Seaton Wetlands and came across an activity day they were hosting 'Axe Vale Wildlife Day' I later found out it was. There were lots of different things for the children (and parents) to get involved in.

My boys had great fun; they loved getting to meet a moth. They even got to hold it. They had lots of questions which the hosts were happy to answer.

They then worked together to create a little bug house that they got to take home and is not proudly hung in our little garden. 

They loved the pond dipping, guided by one of the team they found lots of creatures in the water. 

There were lots of other things going on that they could have had a go at but we were only there for a few hours and wanted to get in a nice long walk before it got too hot. 

It was a wonderful morning. We only went for a walk so it was lovely to come across lots of extra fun things for them to do. A big thanks to all involved in putting on the day. 

The only negative was the glass in the car park which we didn't notice until it sliced through my flipflop and into my foot and also through one of my tyres! Such a disappointment that some silly people would spoil such a lovely nature reserve by breaking glass in the carpark! I was very lucky it was only me that got injured, rather me than my kids, if you are going to visit places such as these please be responsible.