Seaton's first 'Art in The Gardens' | Saturday 25th May 2019

Today was the first 'Art in The Gardens' event in Seaton, Devon. I wasn't able to exhibit today but instead i was able to enjoy it as a visitor with my two sons Finley and Reuben. Finley (nearly 7) is a keen artist and loves to look at art. He is very vocal about what he thinks, what he sees in the pictures and what he likes about them as i'm sure many of those exhibiting heard today!

After a morning walk around with the pups we went back over for a bit of outside art. We took our watercolours and we had an hour of painting in the sunshine. It was wonderful and i got to see lots of people wandering about the artists stalls. 

Apologies for the lack of photos but it isn't as easy to focus when i have the boys to watch. These photos were at 10am just after everyone had set up.

I really hope everyone enjoyed the day both exhibitors and visitors. It was fantastic to see such a wonderful array of art.

It was also lovely to see so many people up the top of town! If every day was like today my little art shop would certainly not be closing. It was the best day of the year so far for us!

If you would like to find out more about Art in The Gardens visit here