Seaton improvements - What do you feel needs to be done? | Keep Seaton Tidy

I have been discussing with a local group of volunteers who have said they are willing to give up their time to do a walk around Seaton and aid in making improvements to areas in which they will be allowed. Obviously there will be restrictions on private land and private properties but even there we can offer our support and assistance to the owners.

The idea is that if you have a suggestion of something in Seaton that needs a little TLC for example a flower bed that need weeding, an area that needs cleaning or other suggestions then we will do our best to help if we can. The main focus is on Seaton town center, the area where we hope lots of visitors will be soon flocking to take a look around.

There is already a fantastic group who take care of the beach and run regular beach cleans so we of course will get involved and help them when we can too. If you want to get involved in a beach clean you will often find the sign and picker down by the seafront or you can take a bag along with you and pick up and bits and pieces that shouldn't be there and dispose of them in the bin.

If your suggestion refers to something we cannot immediately help with then we will do our best to get in touch with the relevant body for example the council or a property owner and will see what we can do.

So please bookmark this blog post and come back to it to leave a comment (this can be done anonymously if you wish) with any suggestions of where Seaton could do with a little TLC. You can also join our Facebook group here where you can load photos of anything in Seaton you feel could do with some TLC.

If you would like to join our little volunteer group then pop in and see Kerri-Ann at 30 Queen Street, email her on or join our facebook group here. 

There is a website called 'Keep Britain Tidy' which offers support and advice so we will also look to link with this project and arrange a big Seaton clean!