Seaton Primary School needs our help

I'm sure most of you have read the recent news about how the schools in Devon are struggling financially. As a mum to two young boys both in a Seaton primary school I have been thinking since I received the letter how I as a business owner could help more (we already regularly donate supplies & freebies for their events) despite us as a business struggling too due to the current economic climate.

 I realised that what I can do is offer my time my business space. Therefore I want to put out there the opportunity for parents / grandparents with young children (pre-school) to come along and get involved in some basic crafty activities possibly on a weekly basis? I can supply some basic materials, the space and any inspiration wanted in exchange for a small donation that 100% of can go to Seaton Primary school.

 I can also offer the space and basic materials for a once a week after-school club again to be run in the same way with 100% of donations going to Seaton Primary School.

In order to make this successful I will need your support. Is it something that you think you'd like to get involved with or know someone who would? Please get in touch with me on 01297 624246 or pop in to 30 Queen Street to have a chat. If enough interest I will look at arranging a date and time.

If you know of any local businesses that would be happy to have a Seaton Primary school donations pot on site I can also look to get this arranged too.

Any other ideas on how we as a community can help our local primary school would be much appreciated so do get in touch with myself or if you would like to speak to member of the Seaton school PTA who all work very hard to put on events and fund raising opportunities for the school. The current PTA contacts are: Louise & Karen. (I will confirm they are happy for me to share their email here before I add it!)