Saturday in Seaton, what was all the fuss about?!

It is the Grizzly weekend of course! The town was buzzing, a really great vibe all around town. Many runners out early; getting their practice in for tomorrow I assume? Today was the junior races and of course the Grizzly Market

So how did the Grizzly Market go?...

I was up bright and early this morning looking forward to the Grizzly Market; I was pleased to see the sun shining. I arrived at Winsor Gardens to find the Gazebos all ready (big thank you to the young lads setting them up) Lots of traders setting up so after I set up my stall I took a quick browse around to get some photos of the set up.

There was a fantastic array of stalls, a real mix which was lovely to see. All were happy and looking forward to the day. It went really well, dispite a few incidents (naughty gale force winds!) and the feedback I was hearing from the community, visitors and customers was fantastic. So many commented on how they were happy to find the market on in the town center and from what I could see lots were shopping with the stalls and browsing the shops (hopefully shopping too!) There was some lovely music on in the first part of the morning too which gave it a really great vibe.

My stall was opposite Gallery Usula so I got to watch the town for the day from an interesting view point i was really pleased to see so many walking all the way around the town including Cross Street and Queen Street. I watched as many went into gallery Usula and the other shops on Cross Street, it was so lovely to see. 

On returning to my shop on Queen Street and speaking with my staff I was told it was a lovely day with much more footfall that an average Saturday so it was a win win for all in my opinion - market traders, shop owners, visitors and the community. I wish I was able to get some better photos of how lovely and busy it was in the morning but I was busy serving customers! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the day. Did you browse the market and shops? What did you think? 

P.S. I did miss my eldest running his grizzly race but made it down in time to see my youngest run the fun run. They had a fantastic time so thank you to all involved!! 


  1. Be Intrested to see you compare the grizzly one to a normal one , the town is always busy grizzly weekend , but nice to hear someone being positive about the town


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