Seaton Velo Vintage - 22nd June 2019

Today i met with the lovely Alistair the man who runs 'Velo Vintage' completely unplanned but we ended up having a chat over drinks in The Hat (a fantastic pub if you haven't already visited i highly recommend you do!)

We go to chatting about his plans for the Seaton Velo Vintage event this year and he asked me as a member of the Seaton community what i would like to see happening on the day. I of course had lots of ideas and suggestions because i love to support anything that happens in Seaton but for me the most important thing is finding out what YOU the community and anyone who plans to visit Seaton on the day would like to see.

Velo Vintage event is planned for Saturday 22nd June 2019 - It will begin with the velo vintage group setting off at 11am from the Jurassic center, they will take a tour of Seaton and will stop off hopefully in the town centre - Winsor Gardens at around 2pm. If you haven't heard of the event before you can find out more here. 

I've created a short survey so if you have 2 minutes to answer the questions it would be a fantastic help to pull together ideas so that i can pass them on to Alastair and the council team who are running the event, that way they have an idea of what you'd like to see happening.

Survey can be found here

Thank you so much for your time!