Seaton Town Shoppers Map : Seaton, Devon

Seaton Town Map is one of most used guides of the town, especially during the Summer. I saw tourists and locals walking around with them last year. They are a fantastic help and they are a brilliant advertising opportunity for local businesses.

Karin the organiser of the Town Map said:

"The map has a 12k distribution, it has been running now for a number of years and the feedback on it has been brilliant. The TIC said it was one of the most used and requested pamphlets they have"

The 2019 map is currently in planning and due for printing soon. There are just 4 slots left for advertisers. 2 double panel slots on the back and 2 spots on the back page. Rates a reasonable and the map is a well used item that people tend to keep and refer back to.

If you would like to find out more contact Karin on

*Update 04/12/18 - just 2 spaces left in the 2019 map!