The Cornish Bakery in Lyme Regis, Dorset | Review

I went on a morning trip to Lyme Regis in Dorset recently to meet with a lovely couple who own a business there, i'll be doing a write up on them soon so make sure you check back soon to find out more on that. Anyway whilst there as usual i took time to look around the independent shops and we stopped in a little Cafe for coffee.

What i didn't know until entering is that this Cafe appears to be part of a chain, i should have guessed given the name 'The Cornish Bakery' when i was in Dorset! haha

From the outside i thought the place look appealing, a friendly smile from a young lady behind the counter greeted us but if i am honest as soon as i stepped in i felt the place was a little run down and nearly turned away but as we only had 20 minutes left on the car we stayed for a quick coffee. I wouldn't say it was quick, the poor young lady serving was out there on her own whilst other staff members seemed to float around but not help her. She was finishing off orders from customers who must have been in their seats as their was no queue and then she served us.

As usual i ordered a black coffee; Jon went for a Mocha and we shared a chocolate twist. The coffee was really nice and the twist was lovely and fresh so we were impressed with that.

I do think though if i'm honest a little maintenance work could do with being done in there, the place looked a little grotty but the food and drink were great.

The Cornish Bakery | Borad Street, Lyme Regis, Dorset