Seaton welcomes new Tattoo studio

Anyone that knows me will know i am passionate about art in all forms and so when i heard about a new Tattoo studio opening in Seaton i was really excited because i love them; wearing art on my skin is just one of the ways i choose to express my love of creativity.

I went down to meet Joe Dart 'Darty' who owns the new Tattoo studio in Seaton whilst he was setting up. He has been working hard building the set up, furniture and putting up his amazing art work on the walls. The place is looking great and showcases a real range of styles from traditional tattoo designs together with modern and feminine styles too, there is something for everyone. I spoke with Joe about working with some of my own designs which he is also happy to do so if you have your own ideas for Tattoos you'd like i'd recommend popping in to see him.

 Joe has been in the industry many many years, he has a wealth of experience and plenty of photos of his work to show what a fantastic artist he is. Having met him for the first time today i can honestly say he is a lovely guy, happy to stop and chat and is really positive about opening a business in Seaton.

I hope you will all join me in giving this new business a warm welcome to Seaton, even if Tattoos are not your thing remember that this is an art form and so it should be appreciated as such. You don't have to get a Tattoo to support this new business, simply pop by and wish him well or wave kindly with a smile as you walk past. As a fellow Seaton shop owner i know how the smallest of kindnesses can really make a difference to new business owners in the town.

Darty's, Harbour Road, Seaton.


  1. Well done hope it goes well for you

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  4. Excellent service highly recommended. Girls had ears pierced felt very comfatable and jo made them fell with ease. Done really quick, I also had 2 tattoo,a done ankle chain and arm tattoo, highly recommend jo very experienced in his work


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