Is the Craft Shop in Seaton closing?!

So many people have been popping in since we took down the window display to ask us if we are closing!

We are having a very big clear out, that much is true. I'm selling off various old racks & have a massive clearance stock in the 'sale cuboard' if anyone wants to pop in and rummage. But no....I'm not closing, yet! This year has been the toughest yet for us, I won't lie. We seem to get forgotten up here on Queen Street! We are struggling, like everyone else in business during these times but we are determined to stay here in Seaton because we love it here and we love you our lovely customers and community.

I've taken down the main window set up and opened it up so I can see out to our beautiful little town. I've set the window up now to look pretty much like my living room, a sofa surrounded by arts & crafts!

Hopefully by opening up the front window you'll all be able to see into the front part of the shop (don't forget there are two more rooms out the back!) and better understand what we have on offer. Not just craft materials but art supplies, childrens toys, puzzles, gifts, art & handmade crafts, a botanical studio and so much more.

So please pop in and support us, even if it is just to browse around and get to know what we stock.


  1. Fantastic shop....lovely people...we have a lovely chat when we come to Seaton....keep it up hun...we will support you xxx


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