Can one person really make a difference?

Over the past few months I have made a conscious effort to talk to as many shop owners, local business owners, the community and tourists. Why? Because I wanted to figure out if one person could make a difference, even if only small. I wanted to see what I could do to help others in my spare time. 

I openly admit in my blogs that I don't have the money to spend as much as I would like in local shops (the downfall of being a small business owner!) But I wanted to see how else I could help, alongside shopping local as much as I can what else could I do to help local businesses without spending money? 

So what did I learn? How can you support local without spending money? 

1. Take the time to look around the shops, to find out what the businesses offer. Once you know what is available you can tell others, you can remember for when you do need something. Even if you can't spend, look around, say hello to the shop owners and tell them what you think of their shops, feedback is always helpful. 

2. Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about the shops and services you come across.

3. Get involved on their social media. 'like' and comment on their Facebook pages, 'share' their favebook posts, 'like' and comment on their insta posts, retweet their tweets. This doesn't cost you anything but it really helps them.

You may have noticed that I have been writing a lot about the local shops and businesses here on my blog and spreading the word on social media. I expect some of you have been wondering if I have been employed to do this, if I am getting paid. Well the truth is no, I don't get paid. (Well I may earn a penny if you click on the advertising hosted here on my blog but let's face it, it is going to take a lot of you clicking before I earn myself a coffee) I have been blogging about and advertising the businesses because I love Seaton. I love living here and working here. I wanted to help promote Seaton and it's fantastic local businesses in the small ways I can. I have been very lucky though because some of the businesses have given my little rewards like a free cuppa & other little token gifts. (I always state in the blog posts if I am given things as per blogging rules!) 

When I moved here 4 years ago with my two young sons and my business I knew noone. It was a big risk and dispite a few bumps along the way it has been the best decision I ever could have made. Seaton and the community here saved me, they put me back together when I was broken, when my health was at the worst it had ever been; so I am going to do my best to return the favour by supporting Seaton (& the surrounding towns), it's businesses and it's community as best I can. 

So can I? Have I? Can one person make a difference? 

Have you read one of my blogs and learnt something new about Seaton? Or popped into a shop because you read about it on here? I really need to know if you think my 'support local' blogs are helping to make a difference, even if only small. Please let me know in the comments. 

P.S. if you want to help / support me it would be great if you could share my posts, click on a few adverts here on my blog (doesn't cost you anything!) Or just tell me what you think of my posts in the comments. 


  1. I've had this sitting in my browser all week and at last have got down to making a response. The answer is a great thumping YES.... you are making a difference and I admire you for it. If you stopped now I would feel that a huge gap had opened up. I am nearly 85 so have had to accept limitations in my aspirations, but if I was 10 years younger I'd be clamouring to jump on your chariot... Keep it up, girl! ( or is that not acceptable to the PC fraternity...?)


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